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#23. Dreaming BIG Dreams in Uncertain Times: Restaurants

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In this episode of Dreaming big, even in uncertain times, Tom Rea and Bert Copple review the lessons learned from episodes 1-3 of Dreaming Big Dreams In Uncertain Times. We also watch an interview with Robert Irvine on Fox News. Recorded in April 2020.
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#10 Discipline


Can you say: Discipline? Listen to the daily routine of our special guest, Jim Orth. Jim is the Co-Founder & CEO of Detroit Ducks (http://detroitducks.com). You can EMAIL HIM FOR RESERVATIONS: jtorth1979@yahoo.com (Quack, Quack.)

Jim is also a Financial Adviser for Northwestern Mutual (https://www.northwesternmutual.com/). If your in the market to make the market work for you, give Jim a call at 586-549-8049

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Forgiveness (Audio Post) #7

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On today’s podcast, Bert Copple asks Tom Rea to share a tragic personal story and the lives changed through the power of forgiveness.

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Motivation (Audio Post) #6

Are you motivated? Tom Rea & Bert Copple dive into this topic, share some stories and attempt to challenge you, the listener, to discover what your passion is. Discovering your passion will help you get motivated.

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Generosity (Audio Post) #5

words-0001On this edition of Real Leadership: Life, Love and Leadership, Tom Rea and Bert Copple talk about the importance of Generosity…its affect and impact.

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