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#20. Dreaming BIG Dreams in Uncertain Times with Nate Rockwell of Briquettes Smokehouse.

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Today is the Best Time To Dream…even in uncertain times. Listen in as Tom Rea & Bert Copple interview Nate Rockwell, owner of the Restaurant: Briquettes Smokehouse http://www.briquettessmokehouse.com/ Nate’s passion will encourage and motivate you to keep going even when the going gets tough.

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#8. Life, Love & Leadership Update & Discovering Your Purpose. (Audio Post)

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Today, Tom Rea and Bert Copple are back with a passion filled podcast as they share about their latest trip to the John Maxwell Team IMC (International Maxwell Certification) in Orlando, FL. They also discuss Masterminds, Coaching, Mentoring as well as encouraging you to discover your purpose. Don’t miss this Passion Packed Podcast.

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Motivation (Audio Post) #6

Are you motivated? Tom Rea & Bert Copple dive into this topic, share some stories and attempt to challenge you, the listener, to discover what your passion is. Discovering your passion will help you get motivated.

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“DreamWork Makes The Team Work.”(Audio Post) #02

“DreamWork makes the Team Work.” – Tom Rea.  

You’ve probably heard the quote “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Today, Tom & Bert talk about the power of #Dreaming again. Not only Dreaming, but stepping out (with faith) to see that dream come to pass and how our Dream(s) motivate(s) our team(s) to get working…with Passion. Listen in…subscribe and share.


Evernote: Check out and download Evernote. A great resource to help you develop your dreams.